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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 31, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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a dash to the finish line. cantran says they're moving right along to meet tuesday's deadline to open the new bay bridge. we're halfway there. taking a live look toward san francisco to the eastern span of the bay bridge. construction crews have made major progresses. work continued at a fevered pitch today. they're trying to get the tunnel ready for the big
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opening. that's one of the many projects taking place. we begin with jade hernandez who got a tour this afternoon. >> reporter: cantran says two things. they're taking little longer than normal. one of the projects behind me, this is a paying project. with a project this side there is some breathing room built in. this project is expected to be done at midnight and now it may be in the early morning hours. 1000 feet of the original east span approach today makes room for the span slowly emerging. >> this is final dash to the finish line. >> reporter: they indicated a
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sol load steady progresses. crews finished up cleaning the inside of the tunnel's base. workers will bring in temporary bike path con neck torrs overnight. >> it's great for the people that's been on this project for years. >> reporter: officer daniel hill has been across the new span dozens of times. >> the roads are smooth, curves are nice. there are no sharp turns and i think everyone will enjoy the drive. >> it's exciting to see this bridge considering all of the ups and downs over the past several years. >> reporter: most recently cracked, steal bolts in the 77- year-old bridge's replacement. it is an advanced suspension bridge that will go unnoticed
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by drivers. >> the work will continue after the bridge is open. that work will be out of site. >> reporter: each item finished out here is a true milestone. these t-shirts were commissioned to be sold to the crews. they say bay bridge grand opening. i'm jade hernandez reporting live. >> it's great to see they're checking things off their to do list but do you know what's planned for tomorrow? >> reporter: the biggest plan is to finish striping. of course, in just about a half hour, i'll detail a few more of the projects they have planned. a key turning point in the bridge construction was march in 2009 when the lifter was ship today bay area from chine na. a 400-foot barge had to be
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built for it. it was use today off load steal to build the span and can lift 2000-tons t.bridge closure sent people in droves. they recorded 457,000 trips yesterday. that was its 4th highest rider ship in history. others off to make their way across the ferry today. officials say it's pretty typical of a summer saturday but yesterday it carried 8000 passengers, about 2000 more than an average friday. our coverage continues throughout the news cast. coming up in 10 minutes ttraffic detours cause problems at one particular spot. at 10:30 we'll have another
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live update. 10 oh 40:00 weather has been cooperating but they may change. now to union city tonight where police shot and killed a man who was distract, possibly suicidal. debra? >> reporter: heather, this is still an active scene. the alameda county sheriff's department is doing a 3 d map of the area. it's taking hours to piece together what happened in just minutes. >> this happened within seconds of the officer showing up glmplets are 911 calls flooded in this afternoon with lots of gunfire. >> 25 to 30 shots in the neighborhood prior to the officers airing.
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>> reporter: an immediate confrontation with a man who had a gun in each hand. >> he was saying shoot me, shoot me and they shot him. he was laying down and moved and and they shot him again. >> they were in danger of being shot. >> reporter: screens went up to shield the man's body from view but many neighbors captured what happened on cell phones. [ gunfire ] >> everybody thought it was young people, probably young people getting into no good but it was an older guy. displmpleghts are 47 years old, neighbors say a man who in recent months returned from out of state and moved back in with relatives in the house he grew
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up in. >> they say put the gun down and he didn't want to and he lifted like he was going to shoot himself. >> reporter: officers are aware that suicide by cop may have goaded them into shooting. >> officers are trained for those situations but they unfold very quickly. >> reporter: it doesn't appear anyone in the man's household was threatened. neighbors said he has seemed trouble since his return. several officers who fired on him are on administrative leave with pay. reporting live in union city. a 25-year-old man remains behind bars tonight on a double homicide. jeffery flores in is jail suspected of the death of his
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grandmother and uncle. police responded to a 111 call from the suspect himself. officers found the bodies of a man and a woman. a relative told us the victims were 76-year-old no na flores and her 56-year-old son tony. a deadly shooting inside a nightclub, officers say there was a physical fight at club an ton. witnesses say gunfire erupted. they found a 23-year-old man shot to death. a 14-year-old boy is facing charges of sexual assault at an elementary school. he assaulted a female student yesterday at ruby bridges elementary school. the boy fled after the attack but was found a short time later.
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continuing coverage now on the crisis in syria. today both a push and a pause from president obama as he announced plans to ask congress to authorize a mill stare strike. >> what message do we send if a dictator can gas hundreds of children and not pay the price. >> this was the worst chemical weapons attack in the history. the syrian government was responsible for the attack. more than 1400 people were killed including more than 400 children. the president is feeling that it's important the country has a debate on the issue. >> if we won't enforce accountability in this act,
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what do we do with governments who choose to build nuclear arms, terrorists who spread weapons. >> the white house released this photo of the president speaking the representative boehner. the polls show most americans oh possess to involvement in syria despite the dead. john talked to some in the bay area with ties to syria. >> reporter: on the same day that president obama announced he'd seek congressional approval. putin asked not to issue missle attacks. >> the longer you give extension the more you give the
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green light to kill people. >> reporter: he believe tropical storm president should order an attack now. he believes it should be more than a limited attack because assad must be stopped. >> we're not going to just talk about chemical attack. in the past 2.5 years, over thousands of people have been killed. >> reporter: not all syrian americans agree. >> i need more proof that there are chemical weapons and that they were issued by assad. >> are mike has loved ones in syria and is concerned about how the attack would affect the united states in the long come. >> it can't just come from our nation unilaterally. >> ba newt also worries that toppling a sub could cause
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worse problems. >> i'd love to have a democracy in syria. >> reporter: the last un inspectors left syria this morning report could take two weeks. more details today on barbara lee. she said she's pleased that president obama is including congress in the decision. she said there is too much at stake to rush into with consequences without a debate and vote. about a hundred protestors rallied against entering syria's war. the protest organized by the answer coalition compare tropical storm situation to iraq where the us invaded on
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false information regarding chemical weapons. in washington d.c. there were protests on both sides. across pennsylvania avenue, supporters of the syrian opposition protested against assad's use of chemical weapons. a traffic detour twist. a ramp closed because of the work on the bridge. world famous news gathered in smoke. a house suddenly collapsed and rescuers race today see if anyone was trapped. the reason this home may have fallen apart. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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>> more now on the closure of the bay bridge. traffic was heavy for a third day as drivers navigated the bay bridge shut down. 3 lanes are coned off for the bridge work. on both sides of the bridge lanes are closed. noel walker spent the day if san francisco where a closure of a ramp today added to the frustration. >> reporter: it's as if someone splattered orange paint.
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>> it's query. >> reporter: directing what traffic there is, around the bridge detours. >> it's almost like the town is deserted. >> reporter: the 4th street off ramp was closed preparing for the bridge opening. there are some confused drivers out there. are you confused by the detours? >> yes, i thought the last exit to 3rd would be open. yes, i'm confused. >> reporter: over and over again we saw drivers slowing not knowing which way to take at the fork in the road. did the detour confuse you? >> yeah, we got lost. >> every time we have a road closure like this we have people unprepared. >> reporter: chp said locals
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can take advice from tourists. after this weekend all roads head east. the chp says if you're unsure where you're going follow detours and call 511. >> earth cam .com posted this new time lapse video of the bridge construction. this condenses five years of work, 2008 to present day in just 4 minutes. it shows 42,000 hours of construction work and used 42 different angles. now to our continuing coverage of the wildfire in and around yosemite national park. the us rim service says the 2 week old fire is 40% contained. it's burned more than 343
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square miles t.cost of fighting this blaze has reached $47 million t.forest service has exhausted its services for the year. the low visibility kept fire fighting air craft grounded this morning. the park officials say some people cancelled their reservations for the holiday weekends. the vacancies filled with last minute visitors. they have been hard hit by a drop the tourism. an alameda county couple is homeless tonight. a county fire spokes woman said a resident was doing some welding when a spark caught it on fire. alameda county firefighters
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said the flames spread to the house which was destroyed and the couple's fire died in the fire. >> san diego's new an interim mayor is spending this weekend at work. bob phil never was replaced. gloria said he's looking ahead. >> i didn't run for office to hang out. we've had a situation where little was being accomplished. >> phil never quit after weeks of infence pressure after making a deal for his legal costs to be covered. in east los angeles, investigators trying to fig our out why this house collapsed. this house buckled last night.
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the search ended today without finding any victims. they say the house likely fell apart due to neglect. the director of the opera died yesterday at the age of 84. he move today san francisco is 1964 and hired as the opera stage director. he directed more than 75 productions. man sorry died with a brief bout of pancreatic cancer. the city of oakland is preparing for a city of prize tomorrow. a portion of the franklin street in the city's up town district will be blocked off friendly day includes
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children's activities. another shake-up on american idol to talk about. coming up in three minutes, radioactive water headed to our shores from japan's nuclear plant disaster. a california store has people talking talk. tracking showers to our south and we'll let you know if it's going to work its way closer to our neighborhoods.
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a new study predicts that a radioactive plume from japan's radioactive disaster will reach the west coast next year. this illustrates how the under water plume may reach the
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coast. researchers say the radioactive materials have been reduced to be safe. (. >> a strong earthquake shook southwestern china today forcing thousands to evacuate. rescuers moved in to bring people out of the quake area. 55,000 homes were damaged and 600 were destroyed. former south african president nelson mandela remains in the hospital tonight. numerous media outlets reported he was back home but today the current president released a statement that he remains in the hospital in critical but stable condition. he was admitted to the hospital in early june.
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researchers from the university ovular flay began exhuming dozens of graves. it's believed about 50 boys were buried on the side of the boys school during 1950s and 60s. they said many boys vanished the anthropologist hopes to bring closure to the victim's families. >> some of them will be visiting throughout the day. some have asked to bring a minister and say a blessing. >> they continue to dig through tuesday. a southern california clothing store is coming under fire for selling t-shirts that some say glamorizes drug abuse. it's the words adderall, vicodin and xanax on the back.
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>> right now xanax is pretty much predominantly what i see my kids coming in with. you're looking at early teens. >> the store issued a response to the criticism saying it is a parity of pop culture. they plan to donate proceeds to a drug addiction rehab. syllabaria counties are report agriculture drop in drunk driving arrests. san mateo and santa claire counties are reporting fewer dui arrests this year. law enforcement remains in force through monday at mid night. the sculpture that gives the burning manifest value its name has been set ablaze
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tonight. officials say more than 61,000 people turned out for the annual art party. organizers report only one serious injury after being struck by a vehicle. the festival ends on monday. there is another shake-up on the american idol's judges panel. harry connick jr. will join keith urban and jennifer lopez for the upcoming season. randy jackson moves from judge to mentor this season. season 13 starts in january right here on ktvu. talk about a steal, where in the east bay you can by 3 us torres buildings for a buck each.
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too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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with u-verse high speed internet. back to our continuing coverage of the bay bridge. we're just a couple days away from the scheduled opening of the bridge. crew essential spent today tearing apart of the eastern span to make way for the bicycle and pedestrian path. cantran checked things off of their to do list but there is plenty of work to be done. jade hernandez is live at the
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toll plaza. >> reporter: heather, cantran says part of the bay bridge is already gone so there is no turning back. the t-shirt says bay bridge grand opening. >> everything is going well. everyone is happy with the way things are are proceeding. we're on schedule for the tuesday opening. >> reporter: some projects are expected to be finished tomorrow night. this demolition is expected to be finished by tomorrow and then in the spring drivers will start to see the bridge disappear at the s curve where crews will take chunks to make room for the suspension bridge. >> reporter: cantran acknowledges small delays but
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nothing that's slowed them down. they say it's safe and drivers won't notice repair work because it will all be done under the bridge out of site. all paving work right here done in the west bound lane is expected to be done in the early morning hours. >> and you can find the latest information on the bay bridge at a popular san francisco restaurant closed tonight following an e. coli outbreak. 14 people have been sickened from the burma restaurant. officials say it appears they got the bacteria august 16 or 17. the restaurant owner said this is the first incident.
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>> pal low alto released a schedule of a man who robbed someone, oh couple, outside of a post office on east bay shore road. both men were seen driving away in a black sedan. >> protestors have been occupying space at a post office for 30 days and they say the fight is not over. >> had is not a fight about a single building and a few jobs. this is a fight for the postal service jobs, jobs that privatizer would like to see eliminated entirely. >> earlier this week the postal regulatory commission stop tornado sale of the historic
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building displmpleghts displmpleghts 3 historic buildings are for sale in the east bay for $1 each. they're at the arden wood historic farm in free month. they're scheduled to be demolished but they'd rather sale them. buyers must agree to relocate and restore at their own experience. from coast to sizzling coast, today was a day to celebrate day con. in honor of national bacon day, the first, bacon was made in china around 1500 bc. folklore has it that rubbing raw bake con on a wart will make it disappear. if you're working this labor day, you're not alone. 45% of americans are either working or looking for work on
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monday. block beryl reports that 39% of offices will be open. economists find that 23% of americans don't get any paid time off. (. >> discovered after 4 million years, nasa reveal as mega canyon. where researchers found this unusual discovery. tracking the chance of showers here in the bay area. meteorologist up next with what's in store for the holiday weekend.
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a bit cooler today across the bay area and some more
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changes, first in the form of hype clouds and a few showers approaching the region. the bulk is to our south. some will approach the central portions of the state by this time tomorrow. right now we have scattered clouds out there, partly to mostly cloudy skies. current temperatures still pretty mild for this 10:00 hour. right now it's in the mid-50s. liver more, 67 degrees. this is a time lapse. you see golden gate bridge and all the cloud cover out there. this is not pushing that far inland. higher clouds increases as well. the clouds will continue to move over the bay bridge tonight and into tomorrow
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morning. partly cloudy skies tomorrow, high clouds, cooler and for labor day, partly to mostly cloudy and the chance of a light shower or two. san jose forecast low of 60 degrees. on the satellite we have a cool weather system to the north, high pressure to the south and east. we will have clouds for tomorrow, especially for the south bay. there is a slight chance for an evening shower tomorrow. will is a slight chance of a shower on labor day. it could feel a bit muggy out there tomorrow. our updated forecast model, here with are, 8:00 tomorrow morning, the clouds to our south and at 3:00 not a lot to show you but tomorrow night, not painting much in the way of rain fall but still, the
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ingredients are there. we have to hold on to the chance of showers tomorrow night lasting into monday and monday morning. forecast highs tomorrow, 82 in santa rosa, right around the rim of the bay in the 70s and inland more 80s. san jose 8 0e degrees, san francisco, clouds in the morning and dense fog showing up. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. rain clouds to reflect a chance of a light shower sunday night to monday morning. we can tell you more cloud cover could feel muggy out there as well. nasa are a dare imaging indicate a mega canyon. at 466 miles, it's about 200
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miles longer than the american grand canyon. it runs to the center of greenland and has been under ice for at least 400 million years. poisonous jelly fish has not stopped my add from swimming the ocean. last year she was forced out of the water after she was stung 9 times. the first attempt she made the 100-mile trip was when she was 28. the swim is expect today take 3 days. the oakland a's gets a great pitching effort from a rookie. that's next in sports wrap.
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good evening everyone, welcome to saturday night edition of sports. it remain as daily struggle at the top, a's and texas rangers goes blow for blow. tray cool was a rather unconventional delivery. evan longoria does the same and gets will myers swinging. alex cobb in the 6th, meyers goes back on the wall.
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both goes to the third with a triple. crisp was responsible for driving in all of oakland's runs and added an insurance run in the 8th. he's been doing this with great regularity. the rays were not finished. desmond jennings singled up the middle. balance four got pinch hitter johnson to hit to 1st t.a's hang on for a 2-1 win. ron washington of the rangers need agriculture win to keep the a's from gaining ground. martin undresses brian with a shot up the middle. 2-1 win for the rangers keeps them 2 games in front of oakland t.giants continue today


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